August 22, 2022

The Adobe reader is a well-known extension that lets users view PDF files anywhere, but does it have merging capacity as well? Find out more here.

How to Merge PDF Files with Adobe Reader


Adobe Acrobat Reader is not a typical merge PDF or compress PDF tool, since it is primarily the way most people open and view PDF files. The program has limited capacity but it is intended to be free-to-use so it is generally accepted to have limitations. The Reader is a preview of sorts of the kind of editing tools that Adobe and many other companies offer for users who want to edit, compress or merge PDF files and documents. But is there a way to merge PDFs only using the Reader? Keep reading to find out how you can merge your files with Adobe Reader.

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H2 – How to Merge PDF Files with Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is the first Adobe product most people encounter. It is what helps them open and view that PDF attachment from your school, employer, government office, or doctor. The Reader has become standard on most browsers in use today since the PDF format has become so universal.

But the program functions primarily as a tool for users to view PDFs but nothing else. Anyone who wants to do more than view a PDF file needs to either buy the entire Adobe Acrobat software bundle or find another PDF editing tool online. Online PDF editors have many of the same functions as the premium Adobe suite, but they are often free to use or can be used with a paid subscription.

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H2 – Can I Combine PDFs for Free?

Yes, you can combine PDFs for free using many different types of tools from specialized combine and merge websites to Adobe’s own free online merging tool. These tools were created in response to the necessity for easy-to-use PDF editing options that are not so expensive to buy or complicated to use.

Merging or splitting a PDF is a simple operation that does not require much user input. The way most of these combine PDFs online tools work is with drag and drop functionality so users can highlight the files they want to merge, click and drag them into the appropriate browser to merge. They can also open them directly from their local hard drive or cloud-based platform to start the merging process that way.

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H2 – Combine Files with Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is a PDF editing program that lets you merge PDF documents with other PDFs, while also letting you convert your other file types into PDFs and vice-versa. Lumin can be used online or offline and lets users upload their files or sync their hard drive or cloud program directly so it can save all necessary changes.

To merge PDFs with Lumin, users need to click on the Page Tools button at the top-right-hand corner of the browser. From there, a sidebar menu will appear on the left listing the different operations available in this menu. Merge Documents is the first option and clicking on it gives users a page range to enter, where the document will then be inserted into the original.

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